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How do immune cells find their way to areas of tissue injury: Stellos Lab's Unique Insights

RNA biology breakthroughs are at the forefront of cutting-edge research, and Stellos Lab is paving the way with its unique insights and comprehensive approach to investigating the intricate interplay among vascular biology, RNA biology, immunology, and ischemic heart disease.

Based at the Department of Cardiovascular Research of Heidelberg University in Mannheim, Germany, and at the Biosciences Institute of the Newcastle University in England, UK, the international team of Stellos Lab and its collaborators led by Dr. Aikaterini Gatsiou (Newcastle University) and Prof. Konstantinos Stellos (Heidelberg and Newcastle Universities) delved deep into unraveling the mysteries of RNA wonderland in the vascular control of inflammation in ischemic heart diseases. They discovered that the RNA editor ADAR2 controls IL-6 trans-signaling and immune cell trafficking into ischemic tissues by suppressing the biogenesis of a group of microRNAs that target the IL-6 co-receptor gp130. Their discovery paves the way towards the development of novel RNA therapeutics for personalised treatment of patients with ischemic heart disease.

Fore more info you may read our original publication here

work would not have been possible

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