Meet our team
Konstantinos Stellos, MD

Konstantinos Stellos, MD Principal Investigator

Aikaterini Gatsiou, PhD

Aikaterini Gatsiou, MSc, PhD Molecular/RNA Biologist Co-Principal Investigator on Epitranscriptomics Deputy Group Leader

Simon Tual-Chalot, PhD

Simon Tual-Chalot, PhD Vascular Biologist Deputy Group Leader

Nikos Vlachogiannis, MD

Nikolaos Vlachogiannis, MD Physician Scientist Clinical & Experimental Immunologist

Francesca Bonini, PhD cand.

Francesca Bonini, MSc Research Associate Vascular Biologist

Lefteris Zormpas

Eleftherios Zormpas, MSc Molecular & Computational Biologist on Transcriptomics

Charalampos Lazaridis_photo_HJC scholars

Charalampos Lazaridis, MD Clinical Research Fellow HJC Scholar

Kimon Stamatelopoulos, MD

Kimon Stamatelopoulos, MD Visiting Clinical Professor Co-Principal Investigator on Clinical Science

Marco Sachse, MD cand.

Marco Sachse Doctoral Researcher

  • Dr. Kerida Shook, research associate (2017-2019), next job: vet practice

  • Periklis Vasilikos, undergraduate research intern (06-07/2019), next job: science studies

  • Zeynep Cokceken, undergraduate research intern (05-07/2018), next job: science studies

  • Jose Coelho Lima Junior, postgraduate research intern (10/2017 - 01/2018), next job: clinical fellow in the UK

  • Federica Lunella, doctoral student, next job: staff scientist at Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research, Madrid, Spain

  • Rawlings Achangwa, doctoral student, next job: medical studies at the Faculty of Medicine, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

  • Victoria Panagiota, doctoral student, next job: physician/scientist at Hannover Medical School, Germany

  • Dennis Schlak, doctoral student, now: consultant neurologist at University Hospital Tübingen, Germany

  • Florian Franz Pfaff, doctoral student, next job: clinical fellow on internal medicine, Germany

  • Viktoria Mozes, doctoral student, next job: medical specialty trainee, Germany

  • Hossam Alkhalil, doctoral student, next job: medical specialty trainee, Germany

  • Annegret Perk, doctoral student, next job: trainee in animal surgery in a vet clinic

  • Juliane Grimm, doctoral student, now: consultant obstetrics/gynaecology at University Hospital Tübingen, Germany

  • Angela Maria Rahmann, doctoral student, next job: cardiology clinical fellow, Germany

  • Stephan Matthias Gnerlich, doctoral student, next job: cardiology clinical fellow at University Hospital Tübingen, Germany

  • Madlen Eva Ruf, doctoral student, next job: internal medicine clinical fellow, Germany

  • Rezo Jorbenadze, doctoral student, next job: cardiology clinical fellow at University Hospital Tübingen, Germany

  • Annika Schad, doctoral student, next job: medical specialty trainee on Obstetrics/Gynaecology, Germany

  • Nina Henkelman, doctoral student, next job: medical specialty trainee, Germany

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