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Immunovascular Research Lab

Unraveling the RNA wonderland mysteries in vascular control of immunity in cardiometabolic health and disease



Explore the enigmas of RNA-mediated regulation of cell signaling in the control of inflammatory and cardiometabolic age-related diseases with Stellos Lab!


Our lab, headed by Professor Konstantinos Stellos, a physician-scientist at the Heidelberg University in Germany, is dedicated to training the next generation of researchers and scientists, as well as discovering new therapeutic targets and biomarkers for precision medicine.


Visit our website to learn about our research projects, accomplishments, and publications, and join us in our quest to make groundbreaking discoveries!

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Our Research

Current Focus


Immuno-Vascular Crosstalk Biology


RNA Modifications in Inflammatory Diseases


Targeting the Residual Risk in Cardiometabolic Diseases


Translation of Basic Science Research in Age-Related Diseases

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